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What is Scrum?

“Scrum is just like your mother-in-law: always pointing out all those things not being done right, and not doing anything herself” states Jeff Sutherland in the book “The power of SCRUM“ . Jeff Sutherland is also one of the inventors of Scrum and co-author of the “Agile manifesto” and the lecturer for the Scrum Master certification of Jan Northoff.

How often do you keep your promises and how often does your team finish their work in time? This is not a secret that many software companies had faced deadline fears and meetings with angry customers just because of time management technique problems which keeps team off the work. There are a lot of work planning tools for better team work, but most of them fail, where scrum scores by it’s agile and short cycled solution oriented behavior and team spirit. It also prevents from burnout of the team, and makes sure time is manage efficient, just like an over priced resource.

First of all, Scrum makes your work more effective and fun, it helps you save much time and money. This time management tool at the moment is used mainly in software development, but you can also use it for any project.

Basically the main key and idea of Scrum is to make the results and tasks transparent for the team, Project owner and the customer - everyone knows what is done and what to do next to reach the goal. Scrum makes you to be open to adjusting your priorities - if they change, your goal and product also changes.  If you want start using Scrum in your company, you have to understand that in some way you have to change your company’s philosophy of team work, because for someones this idea might seems to be a little too radical and at the start there may be people who will deny idea of Scrum. It is actually interesting how Scrum changes team work - in Scrum there is not such position as Project Manager. This effective time and project management tool makes your team fully responsible and they are in complete control of their own work. One thing to remember is that you can make better Scrum within small teams - best would be seven people, but you can also work with plus or minus two. It is also important for you to understand that Scrum doesn’t solve any problems, it just makes them visible for everybody.

There is one more thing you have to remember, if you are seriously considering to use Scrum, you can’t customize it before you even start, because you can miss some concepts and that can endanger the real value that Scrum has to offer...